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Who Should Take the Training Top
> Anyone who plans to get involved in a Reefkeepers' subtidal monitoring project. The amount of training required will depend on your involvement. At least one person on a Reefkeepers' project, preferably more, must be trained as the Project Coordinator.

About Reefkeepers' Training Courses Top
> Reefkeepers' has two levels of training:
Certified Reefkeeper Training: provides training to the 'core' team of a Reefkeepers' project. The core team is responsible for project set-up, organization, and maintenance.
Reefkeeper Volunteer Diver Training: provides training to the volunteer divers necessary to carry out Reefkeepers surveys. This includes training on survey methods, as well as introductory biology and species identification. This level of training must be received by all divers performing Reefkeepers' surveys and should be taken on a regular basis as a refresher.
> Training in methodology and marine life identification relevant for carrying out a Reefkeepers' monitoring project, as outlined in the Reefkeepers' Guide for Monitoring Subtidal Habitats of Canada's Pacific Waters.
> Includes practical, hands-on training in the field (looking at live animals, and/or practical training dive on a reef) and a certain amount of theory and background knowledge in the classroom.
> With regards to mathematics and science ability, it is geared to approximately the grade 10 level. Participants are expected to be reef-wise regarding hazards, weather, tides, clothing, and safety.
> The training methods are flexible to fit the requirements of the group. The trainer may act as a facilitator to help you through the steps as you set up your project, or the trainer may provide instruction for the entire course, then let you off to set up or take part in your project. It all depends on what works best for the trainer and the group being trained.
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Length of Course Top
TopicsNumber of days
Certified Reefkeepers' training4 - 5
Reefkeepers' Volunteer Diver training 3 - 4

Cost Top