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-About the Database
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-How to get the Database and Data Entry Forms
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Data Entry
About the Database Top
> The ARKS (A ReefKeepers' System) database is an important part of Reefkeepers. It is a powerful, flexible, and easy to use tool for managing all collected Reefkeepers' monitoring data, as well as pertinent information on the individual projects. The database's easy to use forms and help files guide you through data entry, data review, data correction, and customizable data reports.
> For an individual Reefkeepers' project, ARKS is particularly valuable in reporting project successes to volunteers, sponsors, the community, and potential funding sources. For Fisheries and Oceans Canada and the other projects involved in the Reefkeepers' network, this database ensures that all data are stored in a standard format, enhancing the quality of the data.
> Periodically, the data collected by individual projects is sent to the Fisheries and Oceans Canada Reefkeepers' representative for archival in a central database containing data on all Reefkeepers' projects around the Province. This central database enables the project to regularly provide data updates to Fisheries and Oceans Canada for analysis and reporting of monitoring data collected by multiple projects.
> Although the use of the Database is relatively straightforward and explained in the Reefkeepers' Guide, some training is required. Part of the Certified Reefkeepers' training course is devoted to the use of the ARKS database. This helps ensure that the project organizing team knows how to use the database to its best capacity.

Data Entry Forms Top
> Standard forms have been produced that enable easy data entry into the database. All of the required data fields are included in a straightforward manner, with minimal customization required. Standard forms are available with the database on the Reefkeepers' CD-ROM, or they can be downloaded off this site.

How to get the Database and Data Entry Forms Top
> The ARKS database is available on CD-ROM. For the CD-ROM version, contact us.

Current Database Version Top
> ARKS 1.11 (beta version)

System Requirements

ARKS Database:

> Software:
Windows Operating System (95 or higher)
> Hardware:
IBM compatible (minimum 486)
20 MB hard disk space
2x CD-ROM (if using the CD-ROM version)
> Data Entry Forms:
Microsoft Word 6/95 or higher
Software that will open a Word 6/95 document (e.g. Corel WordPerfect 7)

NOTE: The data sheet format may become corrupt in the translation to a program other than Word 6/95 or higher. In this instance, you will need to work with your Fisheries and Oceans Canada Reefkeepers' representative to reformat the data sheet as it should appear.